About 10 years ago I started buying domains names. I thought maybe one day someone would buy them from me. And they did! And still do. Today I own www.45.com, a website where you can buy your own domain names, hosting and build your own website in one only night. Check it out when you get a chance.

So, where was I..... Oh yeah, I bought the kind of domain names that would eventually be worth money. The kind of names where people would say, “Hey, that’s a great name. I think I’ll buy it and start a website". Well, you get the idea.

After years of buying and selling domain names, I created a site where people can buy hats and tee shirts with their favorite expressions on them like JoeyBagaDonuts, VinneBoomBots, or Fuhgeddaboudit. Seeing how I'm from Jersey and all.

Then I wanted to create websites, wait a minute, since everything in today's world is DOT COM, why not make these sites .Com as well. Now when you hear someone say, FUHGEDDABOUDIT!!!!! You can respond the way I do, “DOT COM”.

Originally, I thought to create websites with stories about guys in the neighborhood and pictures of people from the kind of places where these expressions are used in everyday life, like Brooklyn, Manhattan or the Bronx, and yes, you guessed it, home of The Sopranos …...JERSEY!!!!! Or New Joisey to all you Midwestern folks.

Did you ever hear someone say, “Hey, Vinnie Boom Bots!”. I'm sure you've heard, “Here comes Joey Baga Donuts!!!”. I mean, how many times during the day do you hear somebody say FUHGEDDABOUDIT!!!!! I’m sure if you listen hard enough, you will hear someone say it today. And that's when you can say DOT COM!

After years of sharing my idea to print Fuhgeddaboudit.com on tee shirts and hats and sell them on the Internet, and having hundreds of people respond, “WOW! That's a great idea!!!!!” Finally, Fuhgeddaboudit.com was born! The rest is history, or as I like to say, Fuhgeddaboudit!

I hope you enjoyed the story of how Fuhgeddaboudit started and you enjoy wearing the Fuhgeddaboudit.com hats and tee shirts. Like I said, it's a simple site where you can buy hat's and shirts. That's it.......so if you were expecting more.......Well, FUHGEDDABOUDIT!!!!


G. Francis
President, CEO & Chairman of the Bored...

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